Why use our services? Because your words want watching…

Why choose WordWatching? Three things.

First, deep interest and curiosity about the world. A wide range of academic and practical backgrounds from the arts and humanities, social and natural sciences, mean that we will help you develop the connections and understand the bigger picture surrounding your work. WordWatching is fascinated by what you have to say and wants your audience to feel the same.

Second, ethical awareness. We are used to dealing with commercially sensitive information in business and confidential material in public sector research. Students who use our services can be certain to stay on the right side of their university’s academic policies. And our pricing structure is fair and reflects your priorities.

Third, genuine empathy with your needs as a writer, creator or business person. That’s particularly valuable if your relationship with us is solely online, but we’re responsive and contactable even if our face-to-face meetings are only ever by Skype, phone or email. We’re based in North East England – a friendly part of the world, so we’re told.